save money with energy efficient windows

Benefits of Insulated Windows and Sidings

A properly insulated home saves a lot of money on electricity bills. It blocks the heat from coming inside or outside the home depending on the weather. It also reduces the noise and saves the household from having to pay for expensive medical bills by keeping pollen and dust out the home. These irritants can cause allergies to children and can be deadly to those with asthmas. The elements of […]

window shades ideas

Tips when Choosing Custom Window Shades

The State of Colorado receives a lot of sunlight each year. It is known as one of the sunniest states in the United States. Out of the 365 days of the year, it gets over 300 days of sun. Residents of Colorado love the sun but there are times when they need to block it out of their homes. There are several ways to stay protected. People use sunscreen and […]

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Choosing the Right Window for Home Vital

Choosing the right window for the home is one of the most vital one to make. Windows provide light, beauty and warmth to the house. It is one of the features that is seen inside and outside the home. Majority of homeowners spend ten to 15 percent of the total construction budget on their doors and windows. When choosing the right window, there are several factors to consider. The homeowner […]

italian style woven window shades

Reduce Energy Bills with Window Treatments

Spring has finally arrived and that means homeowners must prepare their houses for the new season. Last winter was a very cold one and this was reflected in everyone’s energy bill. In order to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a home, its energy efficiency must be improved. One simple way of doing so is through proper installation of window treatments. There are several treatments to […]

bay window replacement cost

Costs of Installing Bay Windows

A lot of homeowners are discouraged of installing bay windows because of the high costs that come with the job. This is why they prefer smaller window styles. Bay windows provide elegance to the space and other advantages, which is why there are still some homeowners who have them installed in their homes. Most people agree that bay window designs are easy to the eyes. The design of the bay […]

replacement window opening squareness guide

How to Correctly Order your New or Replacement Windows

If you are planning to install new windows, for example, in a new construction or you are planning to replace your current windows, it is paramount to measure correctly. An incorrect window measurements can generate considerable expenses and wasted time. The first step is to know if you are measuring for new construction windows or if you are planing to replace your current windows. New Windows: A naling fin window […]

wood windows and termites

Wood and Windows, Does it Involve a lot of Maintenance?

Wooden windows are beautiful and unique. They give your home a classy and nice feel but many users avoid wood windows and rather buy aluminum windows or fiberglass windows because they believe that wood can easily get damaged with water and sun. This may be true in the past, but know days with all the new technologies and chemical developments there are excellent primers and coatings that can protect wood […]